Illustration by Hélia Aluai
Ladies in Black & White by Hélia Aluai

There’s something so mysterious about these illustrated ladies by Hélia Aluai. Big heads, elegant poses and gorgeous, expressive eyes that make me wonder what these women are daydreaming about. They are illustrations from her series called Heritage, in which she gives a whimsical touch to old portraits and female icons. So lovely!

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Lovely Drawings by Marianne Engedal

I have a weak spot for these quirky little characters by Norway based artist Marianne Engedal. Beautifully drawn, heavy headed thinkers that seem just a little too lost in thoughts to face the day. Yup, sometimes plant, cats and coffee are your best friends.

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My Inktober Favorites

It’s November already? Oh my. October – I mean Inktober –  went by so fast! Inktober is a creative initiative that was introduced in 2009 by Jake Parker, who wanted to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. Now it is a well known trend that it enjoyed by many Illustrators who share […]

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Tali Yalonetzki

Last year I wrote about the very colorful paintings of artist Tali Yalonetzki. Today is all about Tali’s black & white portraits which, as it turns out, are just as charming and gorgeous. And very vintage. And slightly mysterious. And really beautiful! Tali Yalonetzki is a Tel Aviv-based artist who paints and illustrates for magazines and children’s books. […]

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Laura McKellar

You might have noticed in previous posts: I love cats. Lucky for all cat lovers, so does allround illustrator Laura McKellar. I love how she tries out all kinds of playful poses, and how beautiful they turn out! Makes me want to try and sketch some myself.

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Sandra Apperloo
Illustrative Experiments: Inktober

I’ve been enjoying and sharing other people’s work for so long but never seem to find the time to get my own hands busy. That’s why, last month, I started off my very personal Crafty Moods Project. I will pick a random material material (paper, paint, fabric and everything in between) every month which I […]

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Black & White

I’m sure you’ve noticed: I LOVE color. My favorites are raspberryred, babyblue & mintgreen. But let’s forget about them for a moment and focus on the magic that can come from nothing but black & white in today’s themed post:

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