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Illustrated Ceramics by Studio Soph

My latest ceramics crush: pig platters, tiger pots and many more delightful illustrated ceramics by Studio Soph. Aren’t these marvelous? So many bright colors and playful figures. And those moths.. I love the moths!

Studio Soph is run by Sophie Holt; a New Zealand-born artist who was raised in the Netherlands and returned to her roots after falling in love with the country during a backpacking adventure. There she is part of an organization called The Little Beehive Co-op, where a team of creatives share a gallery and shop space.

Sophie has been passionate about art and crafts from an early age:

Coming from a very artistic family, both my grandparents were artists and so is my Mum. When I was really young my Mum always used to go to art exhibitions and museums (which we are spoiled with in The Netherlands) with me. At first I didn’t really like it but slowly I started to really appreciate it and now I’m so thankful she put all these little seeds in my brain. I think we need lots of art in any form these days, it’s like rays of sunshine coming through a big cloud.

To see more of Sophie’s colorful ceramics, visit her on Instagram and Facebook.


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