Sofia Rondelli

Every week ArtisticMoods invites an artist to tell us something about the ambitions behind their work. This week we give the word to Sofia Rondelli; an art student from Italy who at her young age has already created an amazing collection of paintings. 

My name is Sofia Rondelli and I was born on September 23rd, 1991 in Pietrasanta, a small Italian town with a charming old city and famous galleries. I enjoyed a peaceful childhood. When I was six I discovered a passion for drawing and visual arts. I devoted every available moment of my youth to painting and long meditation on the forms. I also attended ArtSchool in Carrara. It was soon clear to me that after high school I would attend the academy to study the power of art and I chose the course of painting.

I had my first exhibition in Milan (SpaziArti Ungallery) in October 2010, before starting university. I also worked with another gallery and the Open Art Fair in Milan. At the end of my studies, I had become very interested in the painting medium and did my thesis on research of beauty into hidden things.

While attending that art school I worked under Claudio Cargiolli and sculptor Fabrizio Mismas. The different influences of these two artists made it clear to me that art was an incredibly complicated field and that I still had a lot to learn. During this period, painter Cargiolli had the most profound influence on my work. Thanks to him I realized that life and painting are one thing. In 2010, I entered the Academy of Fine Arts. However, it has been clear to me from the beginning that after graduating I will move to another university, leaving my parents’ house. Then, my choice will be the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin because this city is one of the most attractive ones for an artistic development.

I attempt to infuse my drawings and paintings with a certain beauty and quality as well as an inner need to identify the images with my internal desires. I recently started with oil on wood painting and I love the effects of it. As an illustrator, my artwork has appeared on Pastiche Rivista, Players Magazine, and on hardcover & paperback books.

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Sofia Rondelli

Sofia Rondelli Sofia Rondelli Sofia Rondelli Sofia Rondelli Sofia Rondelli Sofia Rondelli