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Knitting Patterns by Sincerely Louise

Ever wanted to give knitting a try? I know I have. These fun, furry animal designs by Louise Walker from Sincerely Louise just gave me a perfect reason to get my hands on some pins and wool! I’d love to see an animal friendly-animal trophy up on my wall. But being a knitting-greenie, starting off with a foxy scarf might me more in place for me.

At Sincerely Louise there’s something to find for all knitting heads out there. It offers kits, patterns, workshops on different levels and even sells originals in fun, playful designs.

Sincerely Louise began as a personal Instagram account in 2011, where Louise shared her personal creations. She soon started knitting for commissions, created pattens for magazines and she wrote a book called Faux Taxidermy Knits (David & Charles, 2014) of which you can find signed copies here.

Have a peek on her website to read more about Louise and her wonderful designs. For updates, follow Sincerely Louise on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & her blog.

Her products & designs are available on Etsy.


Sincerely Louise

Sincerely Louise Sincerely Louise

Sincerely Louise

Sincerely Louise

Sincerely Louise  Sincerely Louise

Sincerely Louise


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