Randy Mora

Flying eyes, human robots and skinless limbs. Nothing is too wild for Colombian artist Randy Mora. Working as a freelance illustrator, Randy Mora creates colourful digital collages (private and commissioned). His works have been exhibited worldwide, and they have been featured in newspapers and magazines such as Wired UK, The Guardian and The Quarterly Magazine.

Looking at Randy Mora’s collages reminds me that in art, everything is possible. Somehow he manages to project the most diverse objects and organisms in harmony, making it no more than logical that they are brought together in his works. What’s also interesting, is that even the ‘creepier’ elements in his works (such as organs and sliced heads) are beautiful. As if they were not meant to be creepy at all. They’re simply part of amazing, lively collages that tell stories on their own.

Website: www.randymora.com
Also posting on: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr & Vimeo


Illustration for book shop Gay's the Word, London. By Randy Mora, 2011.

Esperándote. By Randy Mora, 2012.

A Dog's Dinner. By Randy Mora, 2012.

Torre Blanca. By Randy Mora, 2010.

Come on, Earth -- Let's shine a new light on black holes. By Randy Mora, 2013.

Randy Mora, 2012.