Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
The Pottery Parade: October was all about Ceramics!

Note: I sell my ceramics via my Etsy shop, not on my website 🙂 I am currently sold out but will be adding new items soon. All shop updates are announced via Instagram.  When I opened my blog this morning I realized that I was still enjoying the late summer sun in the garden at […]

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Illustrated Socks by Chatty Feet
Socks with Character by ChattyFeet

A wile ago I stumbled upon a quirky pair of Yayoi Toesamas that made me giggle pretty hard. Then I discovered Virginia Wool, Frida Calus, Sole-Adore Dali and other wonderfully designed socks by the England based brand called ChattyFeet. Artists, scientists, divas and many more characters that will keep your feet warm and lift you […]

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Illustration by Aura & Cherrybag
Playful Collages by Aura & Cherrybag

Using different collage techniques and colored pencils, Illustrator Aura creates colorful portraits and cozy fragments in which I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon or two. I love how the shapes in her work revel different structures, and how all the playful details fit together so harmoniously. The lady on the sofa in the second image […]

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Ceramics by Kesem Design
Elegant Ceramics by Kesemy Design

New ceramics crush: vases, tiles, tea bags, envelopes and many more playful creations by Kesemy Design. Beautiful and elegant handmade shapes, embellished with colorful glazes and whimsical illustrations for a delightful finishing touch. Love!

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Illustration by Brunna Mancuso
Colorful Portraits by Brunna Mancuso

A bit of an image overload in today’s blogpost. But it’s been a while since I shared the work of Brazil based artist Brunna Mancuso and found so many gorgeous new pieces in her collection that I couldn’t help myself! I particularly love the girl in the fourth image, in which Brunna included a colorful […]

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Textile art by Living Fibers
Textile Artworks by Living Fibers

Textile artist Mariana Baertl is the creator behind a brand called Living Fibers; a name couldn’t be more striking for the beautiful works she creates. Using fibers and yarns from around the world, Mariana carefully embroiders and weaves the textiles into gorgeous, vivid artworks that have amazing textures and color palettes. Love!

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