Magical Paintings by Roeqiya Fris

I wrote about the colorful work of artist Roeqiya Fris some years ago and have been adoring her new creations that have been passing on my Instagram feed since then. Inspired by Arab culture, fashion and nature, Roeqiya’s paintings are rich of countless colors, patterns and details that carry a magical, wanna-be-there kind of atmosphere.. […]

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Illustrated Jewelry by Anna Tverdokhlebova

Quirky little folks, lovers and flowers you can wear. Aren’t these handcrafted illustrated jewelry adorable? They are creations by Anna Tverdokhlebova; a St. Petersburg born and Berlin based illustrator and crafter who likes to work with different materials (such as brass and ceramics) to create her beautiful pieces. She also recently created a wonderful collection […]

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Illustration by Chloe Joyce
Illustrated Ladies by Chloé Joyce

I remember sharing the wonderful work of illustrator Chloé Joyce some years ago. And as I was scrolling through her Instagram feed today I loved seeing how since then, Chloé has created countless new pieces and her characters are evolving into stunning, charismatic women that are surrounded by pattern and details (and the occasional pet). […]

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Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
Meanwhile at The Pottery Parade

Note: this is a blog where I share lots of art by all kinds of makers that inspire me. If you are looking for more info about The Pottery Parade, visit Instagram or this shop.  It’s been a while since I shared an update about my own ceramic adventures. But it’s definitely not because of […]

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Illustration by David Álvarez
Magical Illustrations by David Álvarez

I recently stumbled upon the most whimsical drawings that I ended up staring at for quite some time. Charmed by this mythical, friendly looking figure I discovered these charcoal illustrations are part of a narrative series by Mexico City based artist David Álvarez. It’s called I Dreamed I Was the Night and follows this being […]

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