Illustration, Mixed Media

Nelleke Verhoeff

Before becoming an illustrator, Nelleke Verhoeff traveled through the Netherlands and Belgium with her partner, making theater in all kinds of places. Eight years ago she discovered her passion for design, photography, drawing and digital art. And although she had to stop making theater because practicing both was too time consuming, her love for theater is still visible in her delightful & fun illustrations. Nelleke’s, website is called The Red Cheeks Factory. “I love faces, masks and expressions. I like to tell little stories with my illustrations. I made up this name, because red cheeks stands for enthusiasm, but also for shyness and excitement.”

On her website, you will find many more illustrations and projects, including the A Face A Day project in which Nelleke created 365 lovely faces in a year. The Red Cheeks Factory also produces wonderful postcards and prints (valentine’s cards too!) which you can purchase here.
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Nelleke Verhoeff Nelleke VerhoeffNelleke VerhoeffNelleke Verhoeff Nelleke Verhoeff Nelleke Verhoeff Nelleke Verhoeff Nelleke Verhoeff

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