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Molly Costello

I did a little happy dance when I discovered the whimsical work of Molly Costello yesterday. Aren’t these gorgeous? They are papercut illustrations which Molly, with her background in sustainability and social justice, creates around the subject of connectedness:

Everything is interrelated. Understanding and studying these themes of connectedness can help us better comprehend our place in the larger picture and what part we play in sculpting this world and the communities we live in.

Molly Costello is a Chigaco-based artist, activist, and food grower who regularly creates commisioned illustrationwork for logo’s, albums, wedding invitations and more. You can follow Molly on her blog & Instagram for updates. There’s a very nice selection of prints available in her Etsy shop.



Molly Costello Molly CostelloMolly CostelloMolly CostelloMolly CostelloMolly Costello

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