Matheus Lopes

You might have come across these stunningly creative illustrations before. They are the work of Matheus Lopes Castro. A Brazilian artist who devotes his talent to create very diverse and often colourful illustrations. Matheus draws & designs for brands, band posters, t-shirts, and simply for the love of art. He has been doing so since he was 14. As he explains, there isn’t anything he likes to do more than to search for new ways to illustrate his thoughts. Besides the colorful illustrations we’re serving you here, take a minute to scroll along the Unic.Verse illustration on his website. It is a story displayed in a long drawing in which Matheus illustrates his view on the beginning and end of things. What a journey..

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Sun Caged, by Matheus Lopes.

Thousand Eyes, by Matheus Lopes.The Shape of Sound, by Matheus Lopes.The Optimist, by Matheus Lopes.

Alternate End, by Matheus Lopes.In Music we Trust, by Matheus Lopes.

Tropicalia, by Matheus Lopes.

Dangerous Game, by Matheus Lopes.Tall as Lions gig poster, by Matheus Lopes.