Maria-Ines Gul

Inspiration from Instagram: Maria-Ines Gul

There’s something about the work of Maria-Ines Gul that always catches my attention when it passes my Instagram feed. With simple shapes and beautiful colors, her portraits capture so much elegance and character. I’ve ended up browsing through her work several times. You’ll find my favorite finds below.

Based in London, Maria-Ines is a Royal College of Art graduate who spends her days painting, lettering and stitching beautiful imagery for herself and for of clients like New York Times, Adobe & Mercedes-Benz. You’ll find more about her work on her website. Follow Maria-Ines on Instagram for inspiring updates!


m5aria-ines-gul17 Maria-Ines GulMaria-Ines Gul Maria-Ines GulMaria-Ines GulMaria-Ines Gul
Maria-Ines Gul Maria-Ines Gul Maria-Ines GulMaria-Ines GulMaria-Ines Gul

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