Illustration, Painting

Whimsical Landscapes by Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang is a part time dreamer and fulltime artist who creates whimsical, unknown places with beautiful landscapes I would love to explore. Inspired by both real and fictitious places. The connection between nature and humanity is a central theme in her work. I love the richness of her paintings. So many delicate details combined with soft and modest colors. Magic!

Visit Maggie’s website and Instagram for many more.

A selection of Maggie’s work is available on print at Society6.


Maggie Chiang Maggie Chiang Maggie ChiangMaggie ChiangMaggie ChiangMaggie ChiangMaggie ChiangMaggie Chiang Maggie Chiang Maggie Chiang Maggie Chiang

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