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Jayme McGowan

What I love about papercut illustrations is that they always make me focus on the tiny bits of paper you can spot in the works. Like the one here below; It’s so amazing how all those pieces together bring life & character to Mr. Fox! And those flying music notes are definitely doing their part too.

They are works by California-based artist Jayme McGowan who specializes in creating three dimensional illustrations for magazines, newspapers, advertising campaigns, and more. She has also created a lovely children’s picture book called One Bear Extraordinaire.

Jayme McGowanJayme starts her projects with brainstorms, sketches and color experiments. She creates the papercut pieces with tiny scissors and even tweezers to carefully put all the pieces into place. The pieces are then staged in a paper theatre (imagine an oversized shadowbox) by applying them to thread or wire. She photographs her works and, finally, makes some minor adjustments to the images in Photoshop.

Jayme McGowanJayme McGowanJayme McGowanJayme McGowan Jayme McGowanJayme McGowanJayme McGowan Jayme McGowan Jayme McGowan

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