Rita Fürstenau [closed]

We have a winner..

Congratulations,Virág! The booklet set by Rita Fürstenau is yours. I will contact you shortly and Rita will make sure the goods will arrive at your house safely.

To everyone else who participated: thank you! Sorry I couldn’t make all of you happy. And don’t worry: another new giveaway contest will open in a few hours..

This competition closed on Sunday, February 8.

About the prize

A few years ago, German artist Rita Fürstenau came across some old laws that are no longer in use, and she was surprised by how strange and suppressing these laws were. She started to collect them and brought them together in a leporello booklet called Old Songs, New Songs, which she recently released.

In “Old Songs – New Songs,” I combined the law texts with scenes of people or groups of people violating them. Every scene stands on its own and is connected to the others at the same time, as the statement in one scene always relates to the actions in of one of the other scenes. 

You can order the booklet and other items here


Rita FürstenauRita FürstenauRita FürstenauRita FürstenauRita Fürstenau Rita Fürstenau


About Rita Fürstenau

Rita Fürstenau is a freelance illustrator and designer who studied illustration at the School of Art and Design in Kassel. In 2007 she cofounded the publishing company Rotopolpress, which she runs with two friends. Rita is also an art pedagogue and she is currently doing her PHD in educational science. For more wonderful works by Rita you can visit her website and blog. You can also buy printed goods in her online shop.


Rita Fürstenau Rita FürstenauRita FürstenauRita FürstenauRita FürstenauRita Fürstenau Rita Fürstenau Rita Fürstenau