Fredrik Åkum

The art of  Fredrik Åkum brings you to the midst of a Swedish summer. Using both soft and sharp colours, Fredrik creates paintings from photo fragments that appear to have been exposed to the sun for a long, long time. The paints he uses are very wet, making the colours blend easily. This leads to stunning results; in a very playful and unique style, the summer shots he creates seem to originate from a dream. Or perhaps from a memory, showing only fragments that matter, have remained fresh, and deserve to be reflected in a beautiful, idealized context.

Fredrik Åkum lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Ann-Lotta & Found Leaf. By Fredrik Åkum, 2013.

Flowers. By Fredrik Åkum, 2011.

Anna-Lotta. By Fredrik Åkum, 2012.

Second Plant. By Fredrik Åkum, 2012.

By The Lake. By Fredrik Åkum, 2011. Painted on an image from a music video by Tyler Coray for "Surf Erie" by Monster Rally.

Bone. By Fredrik Åkum, 2012.

Teenage Wasteland. By Fredrik Åkum, 2010.



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