The Fioray Community

On the blog today: prints, pendants, ceramics and many more artsy wannahaves, all created by upcoming talented designers and currently available online! These precious pieces are part of the beautiful collection of Fioray; a UK based design community that represents a wonderful selection of makers in various fields. I’m particularly impressed by Hannah Robinson’s Tall Porcelain Ceramics, whose exciting and unpredictable pieces are created from balloon casting and using heat during the firing process. So gorgeous!

You can find the works below and many more available at And: buying any piece from their collection means you’re supporting an important charity too! A percentage of each purchase at Fioray is donated to a Arts for All; a London based community that offers weekly creative sessions to people with special needs.

For inspiration and updates on their latest collection, follow Fioray on Instagram!


Art Print by Bernard Lodge
Ginger Print by Bernard Lodge


Art Print by Bernard Lodge
Six Masks Print by Bernard Lodge


Ceramics by Hannah Robinson
Tall Ceramics by Hannah Robinson


Monoprint by Dan Gombos
Monoprint 7 by Dan Gombos


Pendant by Melissa Delteil
Red Deer Pendant by Melissa Delteil


Ceramics by Joe Rogers
Large Orb by Joe Rogers


Art Print by Eve Norris
Print X by Eve Norris


Ceramics by Annmarie Ruscoe
Unravel Chaos into Beauty Beaker by Annmarie Ruscoe


Ceramics by Annmarie Ruscoe
Unravel Chaos into Beauty Bowl by Annmarie Ruscoe