Elesavet Lawson

The paintings of Canada-based artist Elesavet Lawson take you away to a world unknown, where humans and emotions are explored in beautiful portraits. Her works are painted in a simplistic style, filled with colours, details and surrealistic aspects. I love how the people she portrays differ, yet carry the same characteristics in their faces. Whether happy or sad, their eyes express a kind of certainty (and perhaps even a bit of anger) that makes it very clear that they belong to the world they’re portrayed in. Wherever that may be..

Elesevet Lawson is currently exhibiting new works in a solo show called Colony and Beauty’s at the Nathaniel Hughson Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Colony, by Elesavet Lawson.

The Dripping Glass House, by Elesavet Lawson.

Running Water, by Elesavet Lawson.

Kovsch of the Lady Moscow, by Elesavet Lawson.Blood of a Prince, by Elesavet Lawson.

The Fallen, by Elesavet Lawson.

Glyko Portokali, by Elesavet Lawson.

Colony Culture, by Elesavet Lawson.





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