Beautiful Bedrooms by Ekaterina Popova

Ekaterina Popova’s paintings make me wish for a little extra Sunday sleep-in time.. Get comfy and cozy in beautiful, messy bedrooms that have all my favorite colors. Love! Ekaterina’s works have such a warm and welcome atmosphere, which is much related to her own love for the home.

My fascination with the idea of home started at a young age after my move to the United States from Russia. Since that moment, I have been involuntarily clinging to old photographs, images, magazine cutouts, and books that remind me of my old life.

Ekaterina combines these feelings and images by creating ficional spaces in which her memories and her current environment come together. As a result they are strange and familiar for Ekaterina at the same time.

Ekaterina’s work has been exhibited throughout the US and published in various magazines. If you live in the New Jersey area, you can currently see her work at the Trenton City Museum exhibition called On These Walls (runs until March 13, 2017). 

For more info and inspiration, visit Ekaterina’s website and follow her on Instagram.


Ekaterina Popova Ekaterina Popova Ekaterina Popova Ekaterina PopovaEkaterina PopovaEkaterina Popova