Ceramics by Olis Cupboard
Ceramic Planters by Oli’s Cupboard

I’ve been in love with the beautiful handmade pots by Oli’s Cupboard for quite some time now. I love the very natural look of these gorgeous little vessels; the soft colors, the tiny spikes.. And those cactus pots look fabulous with florals in them!

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Introducing: The Pottery Parade

On this blog I spent the last five years sharing the work of makers I admire. But this last year things have been a bit different for me as I fell madly in love with creating ceramics. I’ve been working on my own ceramic projects for quite some time now, even though I haven’t shared […]

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Handmade Gift Ideas on ArtisticMoods
The Crafty Gift Guide #4

Lots and lots of ceramics in this week’s crafty gift guide. And kitty magnets. And unicorn brooches. And winter wonderland coasters. And, did I mention, there’s lots of ceramics in there too? Until the end of the year we’re rounding up every week with a selection of illustrated items created by my favorite makers. Except […]

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Little Print Fabrics
Beautiful Botanical Designs by Little Print Fabrics

What I love about printing techniques is that it can give the material it’s applied on so much character.  And thats exactly what is showing in Jennifer’s beautiful, playful block print designs. Jennifer runs a studio called Little Print Fabrics from where she creates beautiful scarves, pouches, art prints and many more items filled with […]

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Pouches by Curly Willow Collections
Colorful Purses by Curly Willow Collections

We’re ending up the week with dose of color in the beautiful purses by Vicki from Curly Willow Collections. Aren’t these lovely? Each of these cheerful items is made by hand with lots of love from Vicki’s home studio in New Buffalo, Michigan. Passionate about color, Vicki creates the beautiful palettes on these pouches with inspiration […]

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The Crafty Gift Guide #3

Until the end of the year we’re rounding up every Friday with a selection of 25 illustrated items, created by my favorite makers. In this week’s Crafty Gift Guide: cuckoo clocks, cute ceramic vessels, comfy cat sweaters and many more handmade delight that just went to the top of my wishlist <3 All items are […]

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Adorable Ceramic Figures by Dodo Toucan

The other day I stumbled upon two teeny tiny ceramic characters called Wind Spirit and Dusk Spirit. As it turned out, they are part of a beautiful collection of supercute handmade sculptures by Sara Theron; ceramist and founder of the brand called Dodo Toucan. All of Sarah’s clay creations are so beautifully detailed and each has […]

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