Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
Meanwhile at The Pottery Parade

It has almost been two months since I launched my own ceramics shop called The Pottery Parade. And as I added a small batch of new planters to the collection just now, it’s time for a little update! I know that I’ve been saying it quite some times lately but here it is again: the […]

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Ceramic shopping inspiration on ArtisticMoods
Introducing: The Ceramic Gift Guide

ArtisticMoods has a new, muddy way of rounding up the week: the Ceramic Gift Guide! Here I will be sharing a weekly selection my favorite clay creations, all with an illustrative touch and currently available online. It’s the perfect way of combining two things I love so, so much: clay ánd shopping (why did I […]

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Custom Portraits on Pendants by Nico Made Me
Custom Portraits on Pendants by Nicomade

Now here’s a fun way of having your dog, cat, bird, brother, mother or entire family captured in a precious piece of art: custom portraits on pendants by Nicomade. Aren’t these the cutest? And you’ll even be able to carry them around wherever you go! I’d get me a bulldog just so that I can […]

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Fabric Illustrations by The Moody Rabbit

My latest crush: birds, botanicals and more delightful pieces of fabric art by The Moody Rabbit. All handmade with love by Perth based artist and founder Hannah Goggs. In many of her work, Hannah applies the stitches to the fabrics by machine which kind of makes her works look like pencil sketches. It gives them such […]

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Illustration by Depeapa
Beautiful Prints for the Home by Depeapa

For me, January is a month of reorganizing the home and getting some fresh art up on the walls. And I know that this is a wee bit on the early side, but really: these delightful prints by Depeapa are giving me my very first spring vibes. I love the simple shapes and soft pastel […]

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Illustrated Jewelry by Good After Nine

Illustrated Jewelry are the best kind of jewelry! And these delightfully illustrated rings, earrings and pendants by Good After Nine just went straight to the top of my wishlist. All of the items are handmade by jewelry designer Nine and metal designer Don, who create their pieces together from Bangkok, Thailand. You can find many more […]

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