Adorable Ceramics by Carola Josefa

Carola Josefa’s ceramics are just what I need to brighten up this grey Friday morning. Simple, pretty and so cute! Her characters have these amusing expressions on their faces that make me laugh. The teeny tiny round heads are my favorites!

Based in Santiago, Chile, Carola is an illustrator and ceramist who has been working with clay since 2013, when she felt a need to create her work on materials different from paper. Have a peek at her Instagram for many more. A selection of these ceramics is also currently available on her website (in Spanish).


Carola Josefa Carola JosefaCarola JosefaCarola JosefaCarola JosefaCarola JosefaCarola Josefa Carola Josefa Carola Josefa Carola Josefa


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