Illustration by Marcy Ellis
Botanical Ladies by Marcy Ellis

The longer I stare at these beautiful ink & watercolor paintings, the more obsessed I’m becoming with Marcy Ellis’ botanical queens. Super fascinating, slightly bizarre and so incredibly gorgeous! Currently based in Tucson, Arizona, Marcy is an artist and elementary art teacher who earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Fine […]

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Paper Plants by Lissova Craft
Paper Botanicals by Lissova Craft

Lissova Craft’s teeny tiny plants make my hands all tickly and eager to play with paper and scissors. Aren’t these the cutest? Cacti, palm trees, ferns and many more blooming greens that will flourish up the wall in any home <3

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Milkhouse Studio
Colorful Collages by Milk House Studio

Artist Hannah Burnworth likes to create all things paper. Handmade books, playful sculptures and color popping, hand sewn collages of botanicals that will stand out on any wall. In her beautiful pieces, Hannah brings together her love for texture, color, nature and the beauty of everyday life.  It’s the kind of art that I can […]

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Living Pattern
Botanical Paintings by Living Pattern

Looking to bring some greens into the home? The work of artist Jenny Kiker will bring nature vibes to any living space. From Jungle Peach Begonias to Pine Ferns, Jenny shares her love for plants on beautiful, big paintings under her brand Living Pattern. And they’re so gorgeous! You can find a selection of prints […]

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Colorful Embroidery by Walker Boyes

Utah based artist Walker Boyes stitches plants, florals and many more loveliness in every imaginable color. I Love the potted cacti and ADORE his hand-embroidered fashion! In his shop called True Fort Haus you can find many of his creations available for purchase. Or: you can make your own cactus party and work with one of his lovely patterns instead.

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Cactus Prints by Lili Arnold

Recently I stumbled upon the super inspirational work of Lili Arnold; artist, designer and creator of colorfol quirky cacti that I woud love to see up on my wall. Aren’t these great? Based in Santa Cruz, California, Lili has a strong passion for printmaking. She works with various methods, including  lithography, intaglio, relief, and digital printing.

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