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Mixed Media, Painting

Luis Garcia-Nerey

Luis Garcia-Nerey is a painter and sculptor who was born in Puerto Rico and currently resides in Miami. His beautiful works have strong artistic philosophies that are related to self-existence and it’s relation to the ‘other’. Here you will find an interesting description in which he explains how all things in life need this ‘other’ to be defined, and how this is relatedto his art. Luis Garcia-Nerey studied at the New World School of Arts in Miami and graduated at Long Island University, CW Post in New York. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and he created various installations which you can have a look at on video.


Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey Luis Garcia-Nerey

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Ben Giles

I like to play with photographs sometimes, and I love it when artists take this job very seriously. Ben Giles is a talented art student from London who creates the most amazing collages using photographs and many, many, MANY flowers. Below are some of my favorites, and besides these, you can visit his site to find some more amazing works with birdsbutterflies and branches too!
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Ben Giles Ben Giles13 - kopie Ben Giles Ben Giles Ben Giles Ben Giles Ben Giles



Parisian artist Caro-Ma gets her inspirations from unexpected encounters with images that, once cut and deformed, allow her to create new settings and transcribe her emotions. This results into beautiful, playful collages in which objects and characters appear in unusual contexts, but seem to be in place nonetheless. Caro-Ma shares her works on Facebook & Tumblr, and has a wonderful selection for sale at Society6.
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Caro-Ma Caro-Ma Caro-Ma Caro-Ma Caro-Ma Caro-Ma

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Embroidery, Mixed Media

Jose Romussi

Jose Romussi is a Chilean artist who currently lives and works in Berlin. The beautiful  women you see here are part from his Dance series, in which he gives famous ballerinas a playful, fresh new look with colorful embroidery. On his website you will find more series that are definitely worth a glimpse.


Jose Romussi Jose Romussi Jose RomussiJose RomussiJose Romussi Jose Romussi Jose Romussi


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Mixed Media

Jenny Liz Rome

Southern Ontario-based artist Jenny Liz Rome gets inspiration from wildlife, dreamlike colors, modern women, classic styles and female forms. Her beautiful illustrations are for sale on Society6 and she has created works for various clients such as Marie Claire RussiaHair House WareHouse and Black Monroe.
Selling on: Society6


Jenny Liz RomeJenny Liz RomeJenny Liz Rome Jenny Liz RomeJenny Liz Rome & Ruben IrelandJenny Liz RomeJenny Liz Rome

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Eugenia Loli

Eugenia Loli is a filmmaker and modern vintage collage artist who is originally from Greece and lives in California. Besides the fact that her colleges are lovely to look at, I think they are amazingly creative and powerful. The scenes she sets in her works vary broadly and each creation allows the viewer different doorway to imagination. “It’s important for me to “say” something with my artwork, so for the vast majority of my work there’s a meaning behind them. I usually do this via presenting a “narrative” scene in my collages, like there’s something bigger going on than what’s merely depicted.”
I love how many of her works are combined with elements from nature. I especially like the one with the fancy gentleman who proudly poses his flower-covered coat:)

Also posting on: Facebook, Twitter & Flickr
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Eugenia LoliEugenia Loli Eugenia Loli Eugenia Loli Eugenia Loli Eugenia Loli Eugenia Loli Eugenia Loli

Eugenia LoliEugenia Loli on Society6


Jennifer Burton

Jennifer Burton draws inspirations from old family photos, both of her own and of others. Using them as a departure point she changes settings and adds lovely details such as flowers, leaves and even animal-friends. And once she’s done with them, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles are blown into a completely new life. I love her work! Playful and pretty with a beautiful sense of awkwardness and humor. My kind of art!

Jennifer Burton lives and works in a small town in Northern Vermont, US. You can read an interview about her inspirations and working process at Passages North.

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