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Pastel Portraits by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

I spotted some beautiful new works by Hsiao-Ron Cheng that I couldn’t wait to share with you today. In her pastel-colored illustratoins there’s this certain sense of calm & silent that makes it hard to take my eyes off them…sigh! Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Hsiao Ron Cheng started working as a freelance illustrator in 2012. Her works soon got international attention and are now exhibited worldwide. Visit her website for more.


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Illustration, Japan Project

Yoko Furusho

I’ve been a fan of Yoko Furusho‘s one of a kind illustrations for some years so it’s about time I posted some on this blog. I love her fun & hysterical style and the endless details that continue to pop up the longer you look at her works.

Japanese artist Yoko Furusho moved to New York at the age of 18 to study at the School of Visual Arts. After her graduation, she started working as a freelance illustrator and has now created works for many different clients, such as Maybelline New York, KEDS collective, & Glamour Magazine.

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Isabelle Arsenault

Let’s start off the week with some cake and sweets by Isabelle Arsenault. Yum! I love her soft style and attention for pretty details. Based in Montreal, Canada, Isabelle Arsenault is an illustrator who creates works for children’s books and other kinds of publications. For more, you can follow Isabelle on Facebook or visit her website:

Isabelle Arsenault Isabelle Arsenault Isabelle Arsenault Isabelle ArsenaultIsabelle ArsenaultIsabelle ArsenaultIsabelle Arsenault Isabelle Arsenault


Saar Manche

There’s no place like home. Saar Manche’s friendly & delightful paintings show us this is a fact for sure.
In her works, Saar captures precious moments of her own daily life. I love her soft, sweet style! Even the tiniest details of her paintings seem to contribute something special to her wonderful, domestic scenes. 

Saar Manche lives with her husband and her three children in The Hague, The Netherlands. She has a wonderful blog where regularly shares her works (illustrations and photographs too!). Also, make sure to visit Saar’s PinterestInstagram pages for even more inspirations.



Saar MancheSaar MancheSaar MancheSaar MancheSaar MancheSaar MancheSaar Manche


Miranda Skoczek

Happy Saturday! I’m delighted to share these soft, warm, wonderful paintings by Miranda Skoczek with you today. Her beautiful color palette and semi-abstract style… love it! It’s Miranda’s travels and contact with different cultures that gives her lots of diverse inspiration: ‘Textiles, and traditional dress from around the globe, folk art, modernist design, architecture, Islamic motifs and Mughal miniatures, are but a few of the sources from which I borrow.’  

Mirande Skoczek is based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Victoria College of Arts, University of Melbourne, and a Diploma of Applied Arts and Graphic Design from the Canberra Institute of Technology. Her website is currently under construction, but you can find many inspirational images by Miranda on Instagram.


Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek Miranda Skoczek


Ashley Goldberg

Birds, tiny villages & coffee mugs… with her sweet style and pretty pastel colors Ashley Goldberg can make anything look cute! Ashley is an illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. Besides her illustrations, she is also a star at creating eye-catching patterns and giftwraps. I had the hardest time choosing only a few of her many wonderful works, so make sure to visit her Instagram, Pinterest, FlickrTwitter & Etsy for more!

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Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg Ashley Goldberg


Jiwoon Pak

We’re ending up the week with these soft & sweet illustrations by Jiwoon Pak. I particularly like the modest colors and mysterious character of her works. Jiwoon Pak lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. She has been woring as a freelance illustrator since 2013, after graduating at Valenciennes Fine art school in France. Besides the digital works below you’ll find some beautiful drawings on her site:
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Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak Jiwoon Pak