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Grace Helmer

Long walks, short getaways and family diners. These colorful illustrations by Grace Helmer make me daydream about joyful moments in life. Love the little rollercoaster scene in the first image! Grace Helmer is A London-based illustrator who studied at Camberwell College of Arts. She also works with an illustration studio called Day Job, which is a collective of ten artists and illustrators who collaborate on workshops, exhibitions, books & more.

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Illustration, Painting

Yoko Honda

I wouldn’t mind spending some time in Yoko Honda’s vibrant, colorful sceneries. Love the nostalgic vibes of these works. Magic! I don’t remember too much of the 80’s, but would be happy if these images pop up if I try to do so. A whole lot more 80’s (including some pretty cool geometric patterns) can be found on her site. Give Yoko a Follow in Instagram for regular updates and inspiration.

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Illustration, Painting

Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims’ beautiful illustrations make me want to run through green hills, canoe in a valley and enjoy a cold lemonade near a waterfall. All at once! Love the romantic, nostalgic atmospheres she creates in her works. The starry night in the last painting is my favorite!

Kirsten has a blog where you can find many more of her works. You can also follow her on Facebook & Pinterest.

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Natalie Wargin

Artist Natalie Wargin had a small graphic design firm in Chicago before leaving the big city behind and starting a artist career in rural Hudson Valley. The natural surroundings of her new home turned out to be a great inspiration for her beautiful paintings. So rich and colorful.. love them!  For more, visit Natalie’s website, shop or blog.

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Natalie Wargin Natalie WarginNatalie WarginNatalie Wargin Natalie Wargin Natalie Wargin Natalie Wargin Natalie Wargin

Illustration, Japan Project

Bannai Taku

Looking at these rich illustrations by Japanese illustrator Bannai Taku brings piece to my mind. Great compositions and wonderful, calming colors.. yup, would fit perfectly on any wall in my house!

Bannai Taku graduated from Tama Art University and the MJ Illustrations School, which is based in Tokyo. You can follow him on Facebook, Pinterest & his blog for updates or visit his website here:

Bannai TakuBannai TakuBannai Taku Bannai Taku Bannai Taku Bannai Taku

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Tamae Mizukami

Yup, more visual delight from Japan. I couldn’t resist sharing these beautiful blockprints by Tamae Mizukami with you today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many different greens as in Tamae’s illustrations, all of them equally beautiful. Tamae Mizukami is a freelance illustrator who has created works for various book covers. Many of them, and more of the works below, can be found on her site:


Tamae Mizukami Tamae Mizukami Tamae MizukamiTamae Mizukami Tamae Mizukami Tamae Mizukami Tamae Mizukami Tamae Mizukami


Beautiful Fragments of Nature by Michelle Morin

Artist Michelle Morin designed and maintained gardens for many years. Now, nature is the main subject in her beautiful paintings. The one with the flamingos is my favorite!

Michelle Morin studied painting and art history at Massachusetts College of Art. She currently lives and works on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. You can find a beautiful selection of her works on Etsy.

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