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Sainte Maria

Russia-based illustrator Sainte Maria has a great eye for fashion and an even more amazing talent for putting her style down on paper. Love the subtile coloring and the playful elements she includes in many of her works. Below are some of her more recent illustrations. For many more, have a peek on her website or visit her shop for some beautiful prints that are available. You can follow Maria on FacebookTumblr & Instagram for updates.

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Cate Parr

Nothing but love for these dazzling watercolor Ladies by Cate Parr. Aren’t they gorgeous? Spectacular colors and a wonderful, dreamlike style.. pretty amazing! Cate Parr is a UK-born & Los Angeles based fashion illustrator who has created works for numerous clients. For more information about the artist, visit her shop or website.

You can also follow Cate on Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter for updates.

Selling prints on Etsy & originals on Saatchi Online

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Emma Gale

Emma Gale’s obsession with Frida Kahlo works out great on paper. I love how she draws, colors and adorns the Mexican icon into countless timeless beauties. Born in Sydney, Australia, Emma is a collage artist who is inspired by colors and patterns and embellishments of different cultures. In her works, Frida plays her muse:

I have been mesmerized by her life story from the first time I learned of her in high school. In my artwork she plays my muse. I adorn her in my jewelled neckpieces and dress her in outfits I have dreamed up. Like a little girl dressing up, I play out my own dress up fantasy, inspired by costumes from traditional ethnic peoples to the latest catwalk designers. From bohemian to chic from tribal to gypsy, she plays them all.

Many more to be found on her website:


Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale


Sainte Maria

I just stumbled upon these lovely pretty illustrations by Maria; a Russia-based illustrator & Graphic Designer who is passionate about art, fashion, garments and design. Love the colors, patterns and the clothes her ladies wear!

You can visit Maria’s site for many more:


Sainte MariaSainte MariaSainte MariaSainte Maria Sainte MariaSainte Maria