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Cassia Beck

Lots of dots on the blog today! And some drops, triangles and stripes too.. all cut and created by UK-based artist Cassia Beck. Besides beautiful collages, Cassia also takes whimsical photographs which you can find here.

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Emma Gale

Emma Gale’s obsession with Frida Kahlo works out great on paper. I love how she draws, colors and adorns the Mexican icon into countless timeless beauties. Born in Sydney, Australia, Emma is a collage artist who is inspired by colors and patterns and embellishments of different cultures. In her works, Frida plays her muse:

I have been mesmerized by her life story from the first time I learned of her in high school. In my artwork she plays my muse. I adorn her in my jewelled neckpieces and dress her in outfits I have dreamed up. Like a little girl dressing up, I play out my own dress up fantasy, inspired by costumes from traditional ethnic peoples to the latest catwalk designers. From bohemian to chic from tribal to gypsy, she plays them all.

Many more to be found on her website:


Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale Emma Gale

Collage, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Shopping Inspiration

Going to Japan!

On March 16 I will start off an exciting artsy journey around Japan. During this trip I will get myself drenched into the Japanese contemporary art world; I will visit artists, exhibitions, events and many many other exciting things. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time so I’m very excited it’s finally going to happen. In fact:


For one month, will be all about Japanese contemporary art and illustration. I’m going to do my best to inspire you with amazing, stunning, breathtaking, art from one of my favorite countries in the world.

Looking for Japanese Artists & Hot Spots

If you are a Japan-based artist (or if you’re involved in art & illustration in a different way) and you would like to collaborate on something fun while I’m there, I’d be happy to hear from you! Perhaps we could plan a studio visit, go on a tour at an inspiring art district or you could tell me more about your work over a cup of warm sake.

I am also welcoming tips and ideas of any kind. In fact, I would absolutely love to get some good advices from people who have interesting things or places to share. Do you know about an amazing event I should visit? Is that one great illustrator opening his exhibition? Or do you know about a great artist that’s based in Japan? I would be happy to hear from you! I will most likely travel to Tokyo, Osaka & Kyoto and might be visiting other places too.

Any tips on the following subjects are welcome

  • Artists / illustrators
  • Art Events
  • Galleries
  • Exhibitions
  • Exhibition openings
  • Undiscovered artsy districts

I’m also looking for:

  • Good / Budget places to sleep

Have a suggestion or proposal? Please let me know via or comment on this post below
Your help & advice will be very much appreciated.


Lotta Olsson

My favorite kind of tree: delicate twigs embellished with collected leaves, animals and flowers of all kinds. Beauties of nature that had a little help from human hands. Aren’t they gorgeous? They are collages by Swedish artist Lotta Olsson. Lotta also crates rugs, sculptures and even wallpaper, all of them as stunning as these trees. You can buy prints in her online shop or visit her site for more:

Lotta Olsson Lotta Olsson222Lotta Olsson Lotta Olsson Lotta OlssonLotta Olsson Lotta Olsson


Rocio Montoya

Rocio Montoya creates beautiful sets of collages with stunning portraits in which the human body and nature are brought together. In her works, Rocia explores behaviors and emotional states of the human being. In this process she reveals a hidden beauty that a camera alone simply wouldn’t be able to capture. Love them! Rocio Montoya is a photographer, graphic / web designer, editor and artist who lives and works in madrid, Spain. For more works and info, visit her site:


Rocio MontoyaRocio Montoya Rocio Montoya Rocio MontoyaRocio MontoyaRocio Montoya8


Amy Ross

I’m not sure what these are called, but I love them! They are collages by Massachusetts-based artist Amy Ross. Bringing together flora and fauna, Amy creates all kinds of strange, delightful creatures that I wouldn’t mind saving a spot on my wall for. 

Amy Ross graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, in 2000. Her works have been exhibited in Musea and Galleries around the US. She also creates watercolor paintings that are just as beautiful & curious as the collages below, so make sure to visit her website for many more:


Amy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy RossAmy Ross Amy Ross

Collage, Illustration, Mixed Media

Karine Daisay

I’ve been a fan of Karine Daisay’s work for a while, so it’s about time I featured some of my favorites on the blog! I love the sweet colors and playful style of her illustrations. They make me crave for cakes, muffins and other sweets, even though I ate way too much this Christmas..

Karine Daisay lives and works in Paris. She has created works for various clients and is represented by Marlena Agency (USA), Chez Antoine (France) and CWC Tokyo (Japan).


Karine Daisay Karine Daisay Karine Daisay Karine Daisay Karine Daisay Karine Daisay Karine Daisay Karine Daisay