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New Pots at The Pottery Parade!

Meanwhile at The Pottery Parade: I’ve been working on some new clay characters and I’m quite pleased with how most of them came out of the kiln last week. Scroll down below to see a selection of my latest creations!

I’ll keep this update short. One thing I do want to mention I that I have been spending a lot more time at Studio Noot & Zo these last few weeks and it’s to be expected that there will be more shop updates than usual in the next months. Although I’m still experimenting a lot, I feel like I am moving towards a structure and style more and more, which feels great!

The pots below are now sold.  Follow the Pottery Parade on Instagram to find out when the next shop update will be!

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Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
Ceramics, The Pottery Parade, Themes

Hello from The Pottery Parade!

I’ve been keeping myself quite busy with ceramics these last few weeks. Sculpting, painting, improving my pottery wheel skills and mostly, experimenting with techniques and patterns. Today I finally added a collection of new ceramics to The Pottery Parade’s shop. And although the selection is quite small, I was so super excited to see how they turned out!

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The Ceramic Gift Guide #6

In this week’s Ceramic Gift Guide: porcelain cups, boob vases and one of Rachel Sender’s fabulous potheads (I’m such a fan of her work!). Also, I made my first ceramic discovery on Vero the other day and was soo happy to be introduced to the beautiful and delicate painted pottery by Mountain Clay <3

You will find all the items below and clicking the images will lead you directly to the shopping spots.

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