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The Yarn Kitchen

I came across these felted cats, chicks & caps at a little place called The Yarn Kitchen. Aren’t they gorgeous? Basically, by choosing and kind of plant to put in the planter, you can decide the animal’s hairstyle. I’m up for that!

The Yarn Kitchen has a large collection of bowls, planters and other musthaves on Etsy, so make sure to give them a visit there.


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Yvonne Ellen

Something different on the blog today: plates! Funny, quirky, pretty, artsy plates by Yvonne Ellen to be precisely. The kind I’d love to use for a good dinner, so I can see the smiles on my guests’ faces. I’m a big fan of unequal tableware (I like to buy one single plate every now and then) so the ones in the third image are my favorites.

Yvonne Ellen is a designer based in London. The plates she uses are collected vintage china pieces that are given a new, contemporary look. All the illustrations are unique & hand-applied. Pretty amazing!
For more, you can visit her website here.

Selling on: Etsy


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