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Loris Lora

It’s the lady on the sofa that first caught my attention when my eyes crossed the work of Los Angeles based illustrator Loris Lora. That’s when I visited her website and discovered all kinds of whimsical loveliness in her beautiful, large collection of illustrations. Filled with color and detail, her works have these warm, vintage vibes that give them so much of style and character. Love!

The lady on the sofa is still my favorite though.

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Illustration, Paper

Delicate papercut artworks by Eugenia Zoloto

Oh my. These delicate paper cut illustrations by Eugenia Zoloto are so beautiful. And the patience.. Eugenia takes many, many hours to first draw the sketches and then cut out all the figures and details by hand. But the results are defietly worth it. Notice that some of her works, like the red dress, are really large too.

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Illustration, Painting

Melodie Stacey

When I look at Melodie Stacey‘s paintings I always end up staring at the little things in her works. Leaves, birds, trees.. It’s wonderful to see how all the details come together so perfectly in her whimsical landscapes. And those colors… and those beautiful, mysterious ladies… sigh.

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Kristin Vestgård

Yup, posting the work of Kristin Vestgård. Again! I’ve been sharing Kirsten’s work frequently ever since I started this blog and still ADORE every single painting she creates.

Originally from Norway, Kristin graduated at the Falmouth College of Art in 2000 and gained immediate gallery successes afterwards. Her work has been featured in both solo shows & group exhibitions, and is part of private collections worldwide.

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