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17 Whimsical Art Prints for the Wall

For this week’s roundup I imagined that all of the walls in my home were empty. Then I visited the shops of my favorite illustrators and selected 17 of the most whimsical, dreamy illustrations I could find to fill that empty home with. Ah, they made my imaginary walls look beautiful..  You will find the illustrations below and they’re all currently available online.

Chicking the images will take you directly to ths shopping spots. Enjoy!

[You’ll find many more artsy items in the Curated Shop]

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Illustration, Paper

Dreamwalkers by Elaheh Taherian

I currently have a huge crush on the whimsical illustrations of Elaheh Taherian. It happened when I spotted the floating lady in the first image on Toi Gallery. Then I discovered it was part of a amazing series called Dreamwalker which is a collection papercut ladies with beautiful dreamscapes on their lovely, quirky bodies.

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Illustration, Painting

Nostalgic Watercolor Paintings by Yuliya

Colors, patterns, details and so much more to love about these wonderful illustrations by Yuliya. I like their narrative style and the warm, nostalgic atmosphere they bring along. The one with the couple holding hands is my favorite! Yuliya is a Canada based artist who has a beautiful & large portfolio of watercolor paintings. You can find them at Society6, where she sells her work on print, canvas and many more items.

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The Elegant Ladies of Monica Barengo

I know I shared her work countless times before. But really, I need to do it again. Italian illustrator Monica Barengo continues to dazzle me with her delightful & delicate drawings. The elegant characters, the beautiful brown shades, the mysterious atmospheres.. love!

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Animation, Illustration

Haunting animations by Erika Mora

Try staring at one of Erika Mora’s beautiful animations for a while. I guarantee that the whimsical atmosphere, colorful details and little movements will draw you to a straight into daydream of mysterious far away places. It’s what happened to me when I spotted her work on Ello the other day. I ended up browsing her page for a good while, getting lost in every single image that caught my eye. Magic!

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