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Catherine Nolin

“I think about color all the time.” That’s the first sentence you’ll read when you visit her website. And once you start exploring her paintings you will know exactly what she means: Andover (MA) based painter Catherine Nolin doesn’t leave a piece of canvas in white. Whether it’s flowers, animals, vases, benches, tables, walls or […]

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Color Fiesta

I thought it would be nice to have a little distraction from the grey winter that surrounds the Dutch landscapes these months. So I’ve gathered together some color-bursting creations by some of my favorite artists. Now, I will look at these for half an hour and dream about spring. I strongly recommend you to do the same 🙂 Happy weekend! Joshua […]

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Flower Fiesta

You might have noticed I like flowers. A lot! Yes, on this blog there’s a huge collection of flowery imagery ready to be shared and enjoyed a little more. So with spring being so far out of sight I’ve gathered together my flower favorites in today’s themed blogpost. Enjoy!   Kristin Vestgård Catherine Nolin Hatsuki Miyahara Kanchan […]

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Starry Nights

A lazy, dreamy sundaymood inspired me to browse the blog for pretty scenes in starry nights. Here’s what I found. I Hope they brings you happy dreams tonight!   Catrin Welz-Stein Jose Romussi Alexey Terenin Amanda blake Brian Kershisnik Becca Stadtlander Catherine Nolin Lieke van der Vorst Graham Brown Helena Pérez Garcia Eugenia Loli Hollie Chastain […]

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