The Planter Parade

I have a weak spot for handcrafted planters. They’re fun, functional and they come in countless sizes and designs. So for today’s themed post I’ve gathered together 15 of my favorites in a little Planter Parade. All items are available online, ready to give your favorite greens a new home. Enjoy!


Fox Planters / Minky Moo
Ceramic Fox Planters / Minky Moo


Planter & Lamp / Il Sung Na
Small Ceramic Planter (& lamp) / Il Sung Na


Ceramics / Polkaros Ceramics / Polkaros

Kumi Planter & Taro Planter / Polkaros


Planters / The Yarn Kitchen
Felt Reindeer Planters / The Yarn Kitchen


Planter / Eleonor Bostrom Planter / Eleonor Bostrom

Flower Bud Vases / Eleonor Bostrom


Dinosaur Planters / Two Trees Botanicals
Dinosaur Planters / Two Trees Botanicals


Planter / Cats Ceramics Planter / Cats Ceramics

Black & White Planter & Abstract Circles Planter / Cats Ceramics


Cat Planter / Barruntando
Ceramic Siamese Cat Planter / Barruntando


Animal Vases / Graham & Green
Ceramic Animal Wall Vases / Graham & Green

Cat Planter / Miriam Brugmann Cat Planter / Miriam BrugmannBlack and White Cat Planter & Colored Cat Planter / Miriam Brugmann

Air Plamters / Cindy Searles
Miniature Hanging Air Planter Collection / Cindy Searles


Ceramic Vase / Noe Marin
Geisha Ceramic Vase / Noe Marin


Dog Planter / Beardbangs Dog Planter / Beardbangs

Cat Planter & Dog Planter / Beardbangs


Cactus Vases / White Faux Taxidermy
Cactus Vases / White Faux Taxidermy


Planters / Fox & Ramona
Hanging Concrete Planters / Fox and Ramona

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