Mixed Media

Fabric Sculptures by Mariko Kusumoto

Yes! This is just what I want to see on my birthday! Dozens of gorgeous figures in countless bright colors. Beautiful pieces of cheer that look like they’re part of a candy fantasy, but are actually handmade fiber scuptures by artist Mariko Kusumoto. Love!

Some of her work are wearable as rings, necklaces and brooches. To set the pieces to the desired shapes, Mariko heats the fabric to the right tempeature which makes the material flexible.

My work reflects various, observable phenomena that stimulate my mind and senses; they can be natural or man-made.  I ‘reorganize’ them into a new presentation that can be described as surreal, amusing, graceful, or unexpected.  A playful, happy atmosphere pervades my work.  I always like to leave some space for the viewer’s imagination; I hope the viewer experiences discovery, surprise, and wonder through my work. 

I’ll just stare at these for a little while now and then I’m off to eat cake. Enjoy!


Mariko Kusumoto Mariko KusumotoMariko KusumotoMariko KusumotoMariko KusumotoMariko KusumotoMariko KusumotoMariko Kusumoto Mariko Kusumoto

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