Jazmin Berakha

I love embroidery. Especially when it comes from the hand of the madly talented Jazmin Berakha. The colors, the patterns (5th image in particular)… stunning! Jazmin Berakha is a multi-media artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works with a wide variety of media, including traditional crafts, music and film. Jazmin enjoys working with embroidery to explore it’s possibilities in contemporary imagery.

“My work explores the use of textiles in art. Embroidery is a method traditionally associated with crafts, but for me it’s a possibility to work within the context of contemporary art as well. I’ve been always obsessed with colour-printed fabrics and patterns, and I believe this is a major reference in my work.”

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Jazmin BerakhaJazmin BerakhaJazmin Berakha Jazmin Berakha Jazmin Berakha Jazmin Berakha Jazmin Berakha Jazmin Berakha