14 Colorful Artworks that will Brighten your day

I love color. And I need some too. The Dutch grey winter months left me in need of good dose of happy tones to remind me spring is on its way. So for this week’s roundup I gathered 14 richly colored artworks by my favorite color-obsessed artists. These paintings, sculptures, embroideries and other colorful creations will pop off your screen and brighten your day. Enjoy!


Slow Stitch Sophie
Dazzling Embroidery by Slow Stitch Sophie


Naomi Okubo
Flower-filled Paintings by Naomi Okubo


Mariko Kusumoto
Fabric Sculptures by Mariko Kusumoto


Maya Hanisch
Animal Illustrations by Maya Hanisch


Tali Yalonetzki
Portraits by Tali Yalonetski


Laura Blythman
Paper Collages by Laura Blythman


Hayley Mitchell
Close-up Portraits by Hayley Mitchell


Liz Payne
Textile painting and Embroidery by Liz Payne


Clair Bremner
Dreamscapes by Clair Bremnber


Hana Brewster
Handmade Ceramics by Hana Brewster


Laura Berman
Paper Installation by Laura Berman


Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia
Textile Sculptures by Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia


Elizabeth Pawle
Vibrant Embroideries by Elizabeth Pawle


Stasia Burrington
Cut Fabric Flower Girls by Stasia Burrington