Giveaway: Art Print by Cloudy Thurstag [closed]

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Congratulations, Krista! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway!

A big thanks to all for joining this week’s competition! Still want one of Cloudy’s beautiful illustrations on your wall? You can find them in her shop.

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Cloudy Thurstag

About Cloudy

Cloudy Thurstag is a Berlin based illustrator who decided to make art part of her daily life back in 2007. She studied Design and now creates beautiful, clever illustrations for companies and for family, friends and herself. In her illustrations Cloudy switches between working manually and digitally all the time. When the ideas come I use pencil and paper, but for the realized illustration I work entirely digital. A lot of subjects are displaying a longing or an emotion being close to nature using cinematic colors to create an atmosphere to get lost inside.

Give her site a visit for more loveliness! You can also follow Cloudy on Instagram & Facebook for updates.

All the prints below and more are available in her Etsy Shop.


Cloudy Thurstag Cloudy Thurstag Cloudy Thurstag Cloudy Thurstag Cloudy Thurstag