Embroidery by Lily Bloomwood
Embroidered Ladies by Lily Bloomwood

My Monday crush: Lily Bloomwood’s beautiful and delicate embroidered portraits of fabulous female icons. So incredibly detailed that the black tiny fragments of thread in her works could easily be mistaken for pencil strokes. So gorgeous!

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Embroidery by An Astrid Endeavor
Embroidered Jewelry by An Astrid Endeavor

My Monday crush: hand-embroidered adornments by An Astrid Endeavor to give your outfit a color-popping boost. Aren’t these gorgeous? Each of these gems is handmade by Astrid; a San Francisco based maker who takes inspiration form everything around her to create one of a kind embroidered jewelry and home decor. Love!

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Embroidery by Rosie Wright
Gorgeous Contemporary Embroidery by Rosie Wright

Although it was initially her grandmother who taught her to sew and she learns her techniques through antique books, Rosie Wright’s embroideries have a wonderful contemporary style in which thread and beads come together in beautiful, soft colored abstract shapes. It’s the close up photos of her work in particular in which her incredible attention attention […]

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Gorgeous embroidery by Defne Güntürkün

Patches, buttons, hoops and many more embroidered delight, all created by the hands of Turkey based textile artist Defne Güntürkün. Aren’t these beautiful? The close ups on the stitched buttons reveal Defne’s attention for the tiniest detail. And those countless shades of green…love!

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Insect Embroideries by Humayrah Poppins

Oh, the beautiful things that can come from needle and thread. Humayrah Poppins once began her career studying fashion, but discovered embroidery to be her real passion. She then studied Hand Embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework and now uses her incredible skills to create beetles, butterflies and more lovely creatures that are so incredibly delicate and rich […]

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Pretty pendants on ArtisticMoods
Pretty Pendants

It’s roundup Friday! Did you kow that there are countless creatives that make the most beautiful wearable pendants of all kinds? Wooden gems, stitched florals, porcelain faces and even custom made pet portraits! You’ll find a selection of my favorites below. All items are currently available online and clicking the links will take you directly […]

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