Art Print by Bernard Lodge
The Fioray Community

On the blog today: prints, pendants, ceramics and many more artsy wannahaves, all created by upcoming talented designers and currently available online! These precious pieces are part of the beautiful collection of Fioray; a UK based design community that represents a wonderful selection of makers in various fields. I’m particularly impressed by Hannah Robinson’s Tall […]

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Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
Meanwhile at The Pottery Parade

It has almost been two months since I launched my own ceramics shop called The Pottery Parade. And as I added a small batch of new planters to the collection just now, it’s time for a little update! I know that I’ve been saying it quite some times lately but here it is again: the […]

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Ceramic shopping inspiration on ArtisticMoods
Introducing: The Ceramic Gift Guide

ArtisticMoods has a new, muddy way of rounding up the week: the Ceramic Gift Guide! Here I will be sharing a weekly selection my favorite clay creations, all with an illustrative touch and currently available online. It’s the perfect way of combining two things I love so, so much: clay √°nd shopping (why did I […]

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Ceramic Illustrations by Genevieve Dionne

With my love for illustration and a continuously growing obsession for ceramics,¬†Genevieve Dionne‘s one of a kind ceramic illustrations are the perfect way to start off the new year. Aren’t these amazing?! Genevieve draws ladies, botanical and lots of other items on clay which, after their visit to the kiln, become one of a kind […]

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Ceramics by Olis Cupboard
Ceramic Planters by Oli’s Cupboard

I’ve been in love with the beautiful handmade pots by Oli’s Cupboard for quite some time now. I love the very natural look of these gorgeous little vessels; the soft colors, the tiny spikes.. And those cactus pots look fabulous with florals in them!

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Introducing: The Pottery Parade

On this blog I spent the last five years sharing the work of makers I admire. But this last year things have been a bit different for me as I fell madly in love with creating ceramics. I’ve been working on my own ceramic projects for quite some time now, even though I haven’t shared […]

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