New Pots at The Pottery Parade!

Meanwhile at The Pottery Parade: I’ve been working on some new clay characters and I’m quite pleased with how most of them came out of the kiln last week. Scroll down below to see a selection of my latest creations! I’ll keep this update short. One thing I do want to mention I that I […]

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The Ceramic Gift Guide #8

Banana leaf dishes, ballerina cups, bowls and doggie lamps. And a stunning platter with dripping white glaze that I can’t keep my eyes away from. These and more clay made gems in this week’s Ceramic Gift Guide. Clicking the images will lead you directly to the shopping spots. Enjoy!

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Ceramics by Sonia Rose
Goddess Pots by Sonia Rose

My latest ceramics crush: Sonia Rose’s beautiful line of breasty vessels, better known as goddess pots. Like in real life, these¬†beauties celebrate diversity in all kinds of shades, shapes and sizes (some of her creations even carry little rings in their nipples too). So gorgeous!

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The Ceramic Gift Guide #7

Rude nudes, turtle planters, cat totems and more illustrated items to flourish up your home with a crafty touch in Ceramic Gift Guide nr. 7! All of these handmade items are currently available online and clicking the images will lead you directly to the shopping spots. Enjoy!

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Ceramics by Miri Orenstein
Illustrated Ceramics by Miri Orenstein

When illustrators start creating ceramics, magical things can happen. That’s what’s shown in this collection of beautiful, playful sculptures and functional ceramics by artist Miri Orenstein. Aren’t these gorgeous? Although all of Miri’s ladies have this quirky, one of a kind style, each of them has its own little character, making her creations such a […]

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