Ceramic Pendants by Marinush
Colorful Ceramic Pendants by Marinush

New ceramics crush: folk birds, dachshunds, flowers, feathers and more clay goods by Marina Andrin. Sculpted with highly detailed textures and adorned with colorful patterns. And the best part: they are wearable too! Based in Novi Sad, Serbia, Marina Andrin is a jewelry designer who loves to create little characters that each tell stories on their […]

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The Crafty Gift Guide on ArtisticMoods
The Crafty Gift Guide

After sharing lots of Ceramic Gift Guides these last few months, its time to put a spotlight on some other crafty goods that have caught my eye lately. Art prints, wallpapers, hand-woven wall hangings and temporary floral tattoos to celebrate summer in style. Oh, and some ceramics too of course 🙂 All of the items […]

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Ceramic Ornaments by Alex Sickling

I did a little happy dance when I stumbled upon these delightfully illustrated ceramics by artist Alex Sickling. Totes, plates and oh my, those little worm ornaments are the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Love! All of the items below are currently available in Alex’s Etsy shop. To see more, follow Alex on Instagram.

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Ceramics by The Pottery Parade
Meanwhile at The Pottery Parade

It has been six months since I launched my ceramics shop, The Pottery Parade. I realized this the other day when I was browsing through my previous posts about my clay adventures. It is so much fun to see all the types of ceramics I created over these last few months; the things I have […]

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Bird on Leaves Brooch - Karen Risby
The Ceramic Gift Guide #10

A copper plant pot, llama ring holders, cat ornaments and lots of illustrated plates in this week’s Ceramic Gift Guide (I can’t believe we are on guide nr. 10 already!) All of the items are currently available online and clicking the links will lead you directly to the shopping spots. Hope it brings you inspiration! […]

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Delightful Ceramics by Rami Kim

So delicate, so elegant and such a strong personality in these beautiful clay made faces.. Artist Rami Kim creates pots, sculptures, bowls and many more ceramics that all have that same, gorgeous character. Mostly inspired by organic shapes, nature, feelings, and people, her pieces often have both a playful and pure appearance that I love so, […]

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The Ceramic Gift Guide on ArtisticMoods
The Ceramic Gift Guide #9

Hand painted mini mugs, bird heads and the cutest little face plate I have ever seen <3 These and more mud made beauties in this week’s Ceramic Gift Guide! All of these items are currently available online and clicking the link will lead you directly to the shopping spots. Enjoy!

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