Becca Stadtlander

Isn’t Becca Stadtlander‘s work lovely? Originally from Kentucky US, Becca graduated from the Maryland Institute of Art where she earned her BFA in illustration. Her work has been used by various clients, such as The New York Times, Jamie Oliver Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post. Enjoy!

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From the collection for Buy Some Damn Art 2012. By Becca Stadtlander.Lipstick, by Becca Stadtlander.

Tiger, by Becca Stadtlander.Collection for Buy Some Damn Art 2012. By Becca Stadtlander.

Indigo Floral Pattern, by Becca Stadtlander.Living Room, by Becca Stadtlander.Selected spreads from Living Things, Volume 6 . Winged Creatures of the Natural World. By Becca Stadtlander.