Art print by Lieke van der Vorst

Note: this print is no longer available on ArtisticMoods. You can visit Liekeland for purchases.


Lieke van der VorstLieke van der Vorst

About the print

The print is printed on 300 grams, non ironed, off white Munken Paper from Arctic Paper. This durable paper is ecological produced in the Swedish nature reserves. Here you will find more information about Arctic Paper, their certificates and their passion for a green environment.

The size of the print is 29,5 cm x 37,5 cm and enclosed in a bag with cardboard to protect and support the print. Every print is signed.

About Lieke

Lieke van der Vorst currently lives in Helmond, the Netherlands with her boyfriend Dave and a cat called Lino. She  graduated from the St. Joost Academy of Art & Design in Breda (the Netherlands) in 2013 and creates private as well as commissioned illustrations. Lieke gets her inspiration from little things in her environment and her own vegetable garden served as an inspiration for this print. You can find more of her lovely works here

Lieke van der Vorst