Aníbal Vallejo

The works of Colombian artist Aníbal Vallejo go beyond the traditional field of painting, although painting continues to be a medium he is faithful to.  His experience as a fashion designer inspired him to clude different kinds of materials in his art such as threads, fabrics & jewelry. I particulary love the embroidery and the way it’s been integrated in his works. Aníbal Vallejo studied fine arts and then fashion design in Medellin, Colombia. He spent 10 years abroad in Europe and the US, further developing his skills as a painter and participating in exhibitions. Many more of his works can be found on his site:


Aníbal Vallejo Aníbal VallejoAníbal VallejoAníbal VallejoAníbal Vallejo Aníbal Vallejo Aníbal Vallejo Aníbal Vallejo

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