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Tara Galuska

The first thing I did after coming back from my blog break? Visiting the sites of my favorite makers for new loveliness I might have missed. It’s when I stumbled upon some new treasures by paper poet Tara Galuska. Beautiful handmade plants, swans, butterflies and more to adorn any corner of your home with. Love!

For more about tara and her work, visit these previous posts or go to her website.

A selection of Tara’s creations are for sale on Etsy. And: she also does custom paper portraits!

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Tara Galuska

When Tara Galuska was five, she wanted to be either a unicorn or an artist. She ended up becoming an artist with a passion for paper (and a yet unfulfilled wish of being a unicorn too). I love the layers and all the beautiful details in her works. My favorites are the bird in the third image and the tiny cactus in one of the last ones (so cute!).

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Roundup: the Most Favorited Features from 2016

Happy 2017 everyone! May it be a beautiful and inspiring year for all of us <3  How have your holidays been? I just got back from mine. Afternoons of hiking and nights with good company filled me with energy. Now I’m so ready for the new year!

But: not before having one last look at the 12 most favorited features of 2016. Embroidered cacti, ceramic ladies and a few more of the many makers that have inspired me in this last year. Enjoy!

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Cactus Love

The cactus. My very favorite flora. Its pretty, it’s quirky and it’s the only plant that will ever survive under my care. It comes in countless shapes. With all kinds of flowers, stingers and shades of green. They tend to look good on many designs, giving things a character that’s both homely and close to nature. I love the cactus!

For today’s themed blogpost I’ve gathered together a bunch of gorgous cacti items that I would very much like to own. All items are available online and clicking the images will take you directly to the shopping spots.

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15 original artworks (at a very affordable price)

It’s such a special feeling to put an original piece of art on your wall. There are more details to admire and more structures to absorb. And the very fact that you’re staring at something that someone dedicated time and effort on is so awesome!

For today’s themed blogpost I created a collection of beautiful original artworks by my very favorite artists.I’m sure you’re gonna find something in here that fancies your style! And: to keep the game fun and open for everyone, prices range between no less then then $25 and no more then $300.

Clicking the images will take you directly to the shopping spots. Enjoy!

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