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Illustration by Hélia Aluai

Ladies in Black & White by Hélia Aluai

There’s something so mysterious about these illustrated ladies by Hélia Aluai. Big heads, elegant poses and gorgeous, expressive eyes that make me wonder what these women are daydreaming about. They are illustrations from her series called Heritage, in which she gives a whimsical touch to old portraits and female icons. So lovely!

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Illustration by Tara O Brien

Whimsical Illustrations by Tara O Brien

It’s quite impossible to browse through Tara O Brien’s cheerful illustrations and not feel happy afterwards. Using beautiful color palettes, Tara celebrates diversity in whimsical imagery of beautiful characters that I would love to meet. Her works have such wonderful vibes.. and I love all the magical botanicals that surround her gorgeous ladies!

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Illustration by Karlijn Dammers
Illustration, Mixed Media

Illustrated Ladies by Karlijn Dammers

For years, illustrator Karlijn Dammers kept herself an art journal in which she expressed her feelings in all kinds of imagery. This slowly transformed into portraiture, and into the beautiful series of illustrated girls she creates today. I love the big blushes on their cheeks and the combination of fine and messy lines. It gives her work a bit of a crude, one of a kind character. The lines in particular are very important to Karlijn, who has been carrying the nickname lijnemeis (which translates to linelady) from a young age.

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Portraits by Johanna Wilbraham

Enchanting Portraits by Johanna Wilbraham

It’s the eyes that first caught my attention to these enchanting portraits by artist Johanna Wilbraham. Mysterious, fierce and vulnerable at the same time. And those gorgeous structures and colors.. love!

Many of Johanna’s portraits are very large in size and her working process is quite unique: Johanna pours jars of diluted oil paint straight onto the canvas, which leaves her with limited control over her work and can bring along unexpected results. Her focus on women’s portraits comes from her fascination of the unrealistic way women are represented in the media, which is something she feels unsatisfied about.

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