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Illustration by Ashley Amery
Illustration, Painting

Magical Illustrations by Ashley Amery

I would love to spend a week or so in one of Ashley Amery’s dazzling illustrations; swim in the ocean and discover the beauty that hides in the waters, get lost in a forest filled with countless colors and playful shapes or meet one of the magical creatures that’s hiding between the gorgeous details of her work. So amazing!

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Illustration by Herikita

Dazzling Illustrations by Herikita

At midnight, when everyone is sleeping and the world is quiet, artist Herikita creates dazzling illustrations that are rich of colors and delightful details. With a strong narrative style and sometimes combined with striking words, I constantly find myself staring at her pieces, absorbing all the gorgeous botanicals, animals and characters.. so beautiful!

You can find a selection of her work available on print and other items at Society6.

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Illustration by Mojgan Ghare
Illustration, Mixed Media

Whimsical Illustrations by Mojgan Ghare

Toronto based artist Mojgan Ghare creates colorful imagery that feeds the imagination in such a delightful way. The different materials she uses (pens, colored pencils, digital edits and even wood) give her work so much character. They appear bot playful and innocent, but have this wonderfully mysterious vibe at the same time.. love!

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Collages by Luyi Wang
Collage, Illustration

Playful Collages by Luyi Wang

Please excuse the image overload in today’s blogpost. There’s so much happening in these super fascinating collages by Luyi Wang that I was very tempted to share her entire portfolio with you all! In a gorgeous, playful style, each of Luyi’s pieces tells a story on its own and it’s this kind of imagery that triggers my imagination so much..

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Illustration by Sasha Ignatiadou

Dazzling Illustrations by Sasha Ignatiadou

I’ve been following Sasha Ignatiadou’s work on Instagram for quite some time now and the more of them I see pass in my feed, the more I fall in love with her highly detailed and incredibly rich illustration work. From botanicals to dragons, Sasha’s unique combination of colors and patterns give her work such a fierce, one of a kind character..

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