Paper Cut Illustrations by Stacey Elaine
Illustration, Paper

Paper Cut Illustrations by Stacey Elaine

There’s something about these beautiful, rich illustrations by artist Stacey Elaine that I can’t seem to keep my eyes away from. So rich of colors and details.. Such a soft, friendly and festive character.. love!

Stacey Elaine creates highly detailed, hand cut illustrations with layers of tissue paper which she carefully applies and seals onto heavy hot press watercolor paper.  I’m drawn to the bold contrast between the saturated colors of the tissue paper and the bright white background upon which they are adhered.  Although Stacey has a background in the art world, it wasn’t until she became a mother that she felt a strong need to pursue her passion, which was when she started creating these precious paper made pieces.

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Illustration by Youheum Son

Adorable Illustrations by Youheum Son

Originally from South Korea and currently based in New York, illustrator Youheum Son has always been seeking for ways to escape the busy city life.  I would often take a stroll to the nearby mountains in Seoul to go hiking and foraging. My connection to nature stems from these early ages and has influenced my lifestyle and work. Being sustainable and living naturally is an important part of my life.

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Painting by Aleksandra Kalisz
Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Shopping Inspiration

10 Selected Artworks from Beauton Art Gallery

It’s Esther Sarto’s rich and gorgeous piece called Subtropical Love that first drew my eye to the beautiful collection of one of a kind artworks of Beauton Art Gallery. The colors..the details.. so incredibly gorgeous!

Many artworks of Beauton’s collection seem to have that curious element where they just leave me stare at them forever. Based in Denmark, Beauton Art Gallery offers a carefully curated selection of art to homes worldwide with a mission to promote young, talented artists in various fields. One of their main purposes is to make art accessible to all which is why, besides original artworks, Beauton also offers a large selection of high quality limited edition prints.

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Painting by Stacy Jo DeMott

Paintings with Perfect Summer Vibes by Stacy Jo DeMott

Although many of us are craving for it, the cold Dutch weather is showing us little signs of spring. And it leaves me with a strong urge to get lost in these beautiful, whimsical paintings by artist Stacy Jo DeMott. Picking fruits in the greenhouse, spending time in a flower surrounded cottage and getting soaked into dreamy, super pleasant summer vibes… yes please!

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