Illustration by Stephanie Deangelis

Illustrated Ladies by Stephanie Deangelis

It’s a new week and there are a lot of things on my to do list. But these fabulous ladies by Stephanie Deangelis are making it very tempting to start off this Monday eating pizza, drinking wine and and listening to my favorite records while wearing nothing but a pair of cheerful socks. Ha!

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The Ceramic Gift Guide on ArtisticMoods
Ceramics, Shopping Inspiration, Themes

The Ceramic Gift Guide #3

ArtisticMoods has a new, muddy way of rounding up the week: the Ceramic Gift Guide! A selection of my favorite clay creations, all currently available online. In guide nr. 3: a dreamy unicorn bowl, wonky shot glasses and: a little pink cup that will leave you with a surprise once your tea is finished..

Clicking the images will lead you directly to the shopping spots. Happy weekend!

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Paper Plants by Lissova Craft

Paper Botanicals by Lissova Craft

Lissova Craft’s teeny tiny plants make my hands all tickly and eager to play with paper and scissors. Aren’t these the cutest? Cacti, palm trees, ferns and many more blooming greens that will flourish up the wall in any home <3

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Ceramic Dishes by Gabriela Iancu
Ceramics, Shopping Inspiration

Jewelry Dishes by Gabriela Iancu

My latest ceramics crush: beautiful and elegant dishes by Gabriela Iancu. All handmade with love and adorned with patterns, dots and golden details.. love! These little gems are made almost entirely out of natural ingredients and with their playful shapes and romantic colors, each has it’s own unique little character.

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Illustration by Sussuni
Collage, Illustration, Mixed Media

Whimsical Collages by Susanna Sundman

Susanna Sundman, aka Sussuni, was one of the first artists whose lovely work I shared on this blog five years ago. And I still enjoy her dreamy, soft colored creatures so so much! Originally from Sweden and currently based in France, Susanna Sundman is a mixed media artist who uses her love for nature and her imagination to create magical characters of all kinds. Her illustrations include lots of whimsical details which together become harmonious collages of worlds I would love to visit <3

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Illustration by Sasha Ignatiadou

Dazzling Illustrations by Sasha Ignatiadou

I’ve been following Sasha Ignatiadou’s work on Instagram for quite some time now and the more of them I see pass in my feed, the more I fall in love with her highly detailed and incredibly rich illustration work. From botanicals to dragons, Sasha’s unique combination of colors and patterns give her work such a fierce, one of a kind character..

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