Instagram Submissions

ArtisticMoods offers art promotions on one of it’s favorite and most interactive channels: Instagram (176k followers). The current fee for an Instagram post (including a clear mention to your account) is €29EUR. If you are interested in an Instagram collaboration with ArtisticMoods, contact me via this form to submit or, alternatively, email me at

Important notes:
- Instagram collaborations should match the with content & style of ArtisticMoods. I review all submissions I receive on this basis. Although I do my best to reply as much as possible, I do not have enough time to get back to all the questions & submissions. But your interest is always much appreciated!
- With Instagram collaborations I always prefer to select the artwork that will be shared myself. This way I can choose a piece that I feel matches the best with the aesthetics of my feed.
- Of course, submitting is free and you will only be charged the €29 fee is this results in a collaboration.
- This call is open for artists worldwide.

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